Are you being audited? Our team of experts can help you get through it as smoothly as possible. We provide audit coordination services for all stages of joint venture audits. We are also available to assist you with seeing joint venture audits resolved.

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Joint Venture Audit Coordination

Joint venture audits require expertise to ensure they are completed according to audit protocols, company policies, and industry standards. We offer joint venture audit coordination services on an hourly "as needed" basis. This can reduce costs and keep your staff focused on their core areas of work. We can help you with:

  • ‣ Coordination of Inbound Audits
  • ‣ Responses to Auditor Information Requests
  • ‣ Coordination of Outbound Audits
  • ‣ Joint Venture Audit Planning and Scheduling
  • ‣ Audit Administration and Protocol Compliance

Audit Response Services

Without due attention and expertise, valid joint venture audit queries can be closed without proper credit, and invalid queries can be credited when no credit was appropriate. Both scenarios cost your business money. Further, sometimes joint venture audits go unresolved indefinitely. Our professionals can help you resolve audits promptly. Services include:

  • ‣ Joint Venture Audit Response Writing
  • ‣ Joint Venture Audit Consulting
  • ‣ Agreement Interpretation


Since 2011, Integrity Audit and Accounting has worked with hundreds of Canadian and international businesses in the Energy industry. During this time, we have established a proven track record of excellence. We deliver exceptional results through the following facets.


Our team of professionals possess a depth of joint venture and operational accounting knowledge. This wide breadth of experience comes from planning and executing multitudes of audit and accounting projects, ranging from small single well facilities, to billion dollar construction projects, to the largest and most complex LNG projects in Canada. Many of our team members have worked in senior industry positions, and they bring their experience to bear on all that they do.

Our team is also heavily involved with the Petroleum Accountants Society of Canada (PASC), Petroleum Joint Ventures Association (PJVA), Association of International Petroleum Negotiators (AIPN) and the local chapter of the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA). By working with these organizations, we keep our finger on the pulse of a changing industry which provides our clients with the most up to date information and best practices that help optimize your results.


We are an industry leader in technology. We have proprietary technology that leverages AI and Machine Learning to audit faster and more accurately. This technology can reduce audit costs and increase coverage. We also have propriety technology designed to streamline project management and information exchange. Having implemented many of the technology firsts in the field of contract audit, our commitment to pursuit of cutting edge systems and processes is unparalleled.

Our proprietary audit management software drastically lowers administration time and costs you may see compared to other competitors. This gives our auditors more valuable time to focus on bringing more efficient results and recoveries to the project at hand. We has proprietary technology that leverages AI and Machine Learning to audit faster and more accurately. This technology can reduce audit costs and increase coverage. In a changing industry, innovation is essential.


Integrity is not just a buzzword at our company. Our approach is to provide our clients with an exceptional product, impartial observations, and transparency throughout our engagements. We are an independent third party that audits objectively according to terms of the governing agreements. We aim to ensure the accountability of the partners and find operational efficiencies through audit, and to provide a qualified, unbiased outlook that thinks beyond the immediate problems at hand.

We are also committed to providing reliable, effective, and knowledgeable support to our clients. When difficult joint venture audit and operational accounting questions arise, you can count on Integrity for answers from industry experts. We also offer a full-service audit experience from beginning to end, including audit proposals, administration, audit work, and audit resolution. With Integrity, help is only a call or email away.

Integrity Audit & Accounting

Our mission is to provide industry-leading professional audit and accounting services to our clients in a way that maximizes value, efficiency and cooperation through experience, innovation, technology and integrity. Our team is available to conduct your joint venture audits and partnership audits. We can also help with other audit and accounting projects, issues, and inquiries.